PVC Dip coating

The dipping process used for moulding can also be used to apply a permanent coating of PVC to your product. Depending upon the substrate thickness a fairly thick seamless coating can be applied in whole or part in order to protect and cushion or just enhance. The materials available are the same as that for moulding and so you have a wide choice of grades and colours to choose from, each having specialist properties to suit the environment your product will exist in.

Your work may require unique jigging and LoVen have become extremely proficient at producing jigs that aid production speed and efficiency at relatively low cost. The above image shows the variety of shapes and forms that can be dip coated quite easily.

Dip coated applications

Protective coatings for plating jigs are a common application as is insulation, splash protection, sound dampening and cushioning. However, the coating can have the dual role of finishing the product as well as adding protection as the high gloss seam free finish is very attractive.

Some products requiring a cushioning hand grip area may have a form that makes the fitting of a standard vinyl sleeve awkward or impossible. Suspending the form in such a way that the area requiring the sleeve can be dip coated makes for a simple and cost effective solution.  Other work may require a part coating  located in an area where the coating could slip or be pulled off. In this case a simple mechanical lock can be achieved by drilling or punching a hole to allow the material to flow through. A heat activated adhesive is also available that can be made more effective by degreasing and surface abrasion.

Total encapsulation is also possible by means of suspending with a fine gauge wire or wires. Once coated the wire can be pulled free and the resulting pin holes patched.