Medical dip moulding

Dip moulding offers the perfect surface finish for skin contact medical products and our material formulations satisfy stringent industry requirements. We currently produce Enema tips, vented caps, sterilisation caps, cannula and puffer bulbs.

Dip moulded Enema tips

LoVen hold tooling for the production of various types and sizes of enema tips and offer full post moulding operations such as hole punching and packaging to your requirements. For your special custom design requirements you can take advantage of our vast experience to bring your initial concept from drawing to prototype and in to full production.

Medical grade dip moulding materials

We can offer several materials for use in producing medical products each having FDA approval. In addition we have been working with a material that is 100% phthalate free. This material is also FDA approved and has been tested by TNO in the Netherlands and Toxicon in the USA, both of which have awarded high scores in the following tests:

Phthalate test
Irritation test
Toxicity test
Test certificates available upon request