Custom PVC dip moulding

Custom PVC dip moulding is an area in which LoVen excel. From conception to full production LoVen will work closely with you to provide a total solution for your requirement in the most cost effective and efficient way possible.

The dip moulding advantage

One of the many benefits of dip moulding is the comparatively low tooling cost involved when measured against other moulding processes. Additionally, there are a variety of materials available suitable for most working environments and LoVen are constantly working with plastisol suppliers to develop new grades or improve upon those already available.

The dip moulding process is simple and cost effective in both small and large production batches and this is especially so when coupled to LoVen’s efficient in-house designed and built moulding equipment. Many post moulding operations can be carried out from simple hole punching to the printing of your company logo, product information and instructions.

The advantage of using LoVen’s custom dip moulding service

With many years of experience in the plastics industry prior to the setting up of LoVen, the directors decided that by concentrating on dip moulding and only dip moulding they could develop the process to a very high standard and offer a service that is second to none. By showing a unique and innovative approach to design they have shown that  dip moulding is a very capable 21st century process.