Dip moulding materials

Vinyl plastisols are a dispersion of Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) resins in a plasticiser liquid. Other additives include pigments, stabilisers for heat and UV light, flame retardants and others that affect the surface finish.

Plastisol grades

There are a wide  range of plastisol grades available for a great many applications and LoVen have been involved in the development of many special formulations.  Hardness is determined by the plasticiser content and is measured on the Shore A scale from  a very flexible 30 Shore  up to semi rigid at 90 Shore.

Enhanced formulations include:

UV resistant
FDA approved
High and low temperature
Flame retardant
Oil resistant

A chart showing the typical properties of our standard grades can be viewed or downloaded here

Plastisol properties

The excellent electrical insulation of PVC is well known and it is used extensively in the electrical industry. Additionally, most basic grades have good flame retardant properties and specially modified grades would be rated UL94/V0. Splash resistance to many chemicals is also good and again specialist grades can be produced  for specific environments.

Colour and finish

LoVen offer a full range of standard colours and can colour match to your requirements. The default finish for dip moulded parts is high gloss but grades are available that will produce semi matt, full matt, textured and fluorescent.

PVC waste management

LoVen are committed to ensuring best working practices where processes and materials may impact upon the environment. All our waste  is collected and held ready for collection and disposal by a specialist recycling company. Processed plastisol cannot be re used but solid waste can be recycled into the manufacture of flooring and flowerpots.

The above will help to give you a better understanding of the dip moulding materials available  but be assured that we are more than happy to discuss your requirements with you and advise accordingly.